AFF Course Steps

Ground School + Level 1

Ground School + Level 1

Six to eight hours ground school and one jump with two instructors will teach you everything you need to skydive safely wearing your own parachute. You will learn about the skydiving equipment, the aircraft, the freefall, parachute flight, and even malfunctions and emergency scenarios.

Level 2 to 3

Level 2 to 3

These two jumps will typically be from 13,000 ft and you will be held on by two instructors. You will be required to respond to hand signals to adjust your body position, check your altimeter and practice deploying your parachute before deploying it for real. You will be talked down the ground under your parachute by one of our instructors using radio equipment.

Level 4 to 8

Level 4 to 8

By now you are well on your way to becoming a fully-fledged skydiver. On those skydive levels you will be accompanied by just one instructor. You will practice the rest of the required skills. You shall do 90 and 360 degree turns, and other tasks.

Finishing the levels means that you are officially a SKYDIVER !

AFF Course Packages

In order to perform a Solo skydive, you need to finish the AFF course. The AFF course is 8 levels of skydive school. However in order to proceed to your skydiving license, you will need to finish 25 successful skydives. Below is our school packages which shall fit different requirements.

AFF Package

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